Strategy - Make + Multiply

Fortify our future

With our vision more clear than ever, we have a bold opportunity in front of us to build upon our foundation, commit to living our lives with the priorities of Christ at the center, make moments significant in people’s lives, and live with newfound intentionality to multiply our reach. Make and Multiply is an opportunity to accelerate the vision for Grace Fellowship Church and fortify our future commitments to our city, region, and the world.

This is our opportunity to invest in our promises to Make Moments Significant and Multiply Our Reach.

Here is how we are going to be able to accelerate God's vision for Grace Fellowship Church


Make Moments Significant

We’re committed to making moments significant through our intentionality to point people toward Jesus in our environments and relationships. The Make portion of Make and Multiply will focus on investing in facilities and staff that are required to facilitate significant moments.

The investment will go directly toward developing:

  • Significant moments for people to Encounter God’s presence
  • Significant moments to join in community together
  • Significant moments to help people find purpose

Multiply Our Reach

Throughout the history of our church, we’ve committed to being a church that will Multiply Our Reach by responding willingly to go beyond ourselves and our comfort. From planting and investing in local churches, by partnering with our community, and through local and global missions, we’ve seen God do so much beyond these walls. Through Make and Multiply, we are fortifying our footprint in our community and positioning ourselves to reach our region and the world like never before.

The investment will allow us to:

  • Multiply our reach through strategic community partners
  • Multiply our reach by investing in the local church
  • Multiply our reach by impacting the nations in our own community within 5 miles of Deereco Road and in Central & Southeast Asia

Our vision and our goal

Make and Multiply

Our Goal

Our primary goal is that as close as possible to 100 percent of our people would go before God and have a life-changing encounter with him as it relates to our generosity.

Our secondary goal is $16 million in generous giving to do what we believe God is calling us to do to Make and Multiply over the next two years.

Make and Multiply

Make Room For More People

Through Make and Multiply, we’ll be able to add additional space to our current facility that would then give us room for up to 1,200 more people to attend each week.

Make and Multiply

Improve Ministry Opportunities

Make and Multiply will allow us to renovate current ministry environments and add additional space for more ministry opportunities. The investment will directly impact our next generation ministries, foundational ministries like our disabilities ministry, and so many more ministries that make moments significant for thousands each week here. 

Make and Multiply

Increase Supportive Ministries

A portion of Make and Multiply will go directly toward the operational costs to maintain ministry support. In addition to our current operational expenses; Make and Multiply will allow us to invest in creating improved environments for ministry support staff and add necessary ministry staff to support the expanding needs in our congregation and community.

Multiply Our Reach

Facilitate Our Community

Every week there are local non-profits like Araminta Freedom Initiative, HopeSprings, and other community groups that have been able to utilize our building to serve the individuals and families that they impact. Make and Multiply will allow us to invest in our community, open our doors to them, and reach even more people through the strategic relationships that we have in our region.

Multiply Our Reach

Reaching The Nations

While many churches have to travel all over the world to reach the nations, our current facility is surrounded by neighbors that represent dozens of Nations from around the world. Our vision is that through Make and Multiply we would have the facilities and resources that would allow us to increase our intentionality in how we serve our neighbors and reach the Nations right from here.