Angela Thomas

God provides all of our needs

I had tithed in the past and, due to unforeseen financial obligations, cut my giving way back the year prior to Make and Multiply. I was always robbing Peter to pay Paul and got convicted. When the Make and Multiply campaign was introduced, I knew the Lord was calling me to step up my giving again despite how messed up my finances were. I prayed about my commitment to Make and Multiply, completed and turned in my commitment card and decided I’d begin April 1.

During this time, I still had many bills that were overdue as well as some unexpected financial needs and dental work.  When I heard Commitment Weekend was April 15, I was very tempted to not give April 1 and 8 as I had planned and, instead, use the money for my bills and start my committed giving April 15.

At the end of March, out of the blue, my brother offered to pay 3 of my bills in full! At that point, I realized God was blessing me already for just making the decision to tithe and give to Make and Multiply! I knew since God had blessed me, I had to be faithful and start my giving and tithing on April 1, which I did!

Since then I have been giving and keeping to my commitment. My bills have all been paid even though before some hadn’t.  God also provided a way to get and pay for my dental work.  Also, when the air conditioner in my car acted up, I had no idea how I was going to pay to have it fixed. I took it back to the man who fixed it last summer and it was under warranty, so it was fixed for no charge!

I am just getting started with my commitment to give and God is blessing me greatly already! I am happy to give and look forward to the blessings God will pour out!

In Malachi 3:10 God says test Him bringing our tithes and He will pour out a blessing more than we can hold.

I am seeing this in my life already!

Angela Thomas