A 5-week Journey Toward A

Life Worth Pursuing

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Live a Life worth pursuing

A 5-week Journey

No matter who you are, we are all in pursuit of something. The question now is, what are you pursuing and is it worth it?  This 5-week resource from Pastor Shea will take you on a journey to learn what it looks like to live a life worth pursuing.

A look at what's inside of this resource

Life Worth Pursuing

Weekly Teaching Videos

Each week, there is a new teaching video from Pastor Shea. Through each teaching video, you’ll be challenged with practical things that you can apply to your life, and you’ll learn what scripture says about what it looks like to live a life worth pursuing.

Life Worth Pursuing

Weekly Companion Guides

Every single week you’ll have the chance to go beyond the teaching with the Life Worth Pursuing Companion Guides. The companion guides will give you a series of thoughts and questions to explore or to create conversations if you are going through the Life Worth Pursuing resource with others.

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Provide your name and email address, and you’ll not only be able to access the free resource, but you will also be part of a community of many others that are choosing to live a life worth pursuing. Each week, you’ll be receiving some additional content from Pastor Shea to help you on this journey. Welcome to the community.