Opportunity - Make + Multiply


For years, our church has been praying and seeking God for a facility that we could have and own so we could better steward our resources and exponentially increase our opportunity to reach our city and region. Although opportunities have come and gone and doors have closed, we’re no longer in a season of setbacks and we’re ready to move forward. God has now opened an opportune door that is beyond anything we ever thought possible. We have an opportunity to purchase our current facility and renovate it to uniquely fit our ministry needs. This is the right opportunity, and this is the right time. 

What does this mean for us?


Strategic savings

Leasing our space for over 25 years has allowed us to take the time to consider all options for a permanent facility in our region. Our building committee has found that inventory for the amount of land that we would need to accommodate our facility and parking needs is limited and cost prohibitive. And the problem with leasing is that moving forward we would face immediate and substantial increases in our monthly rent. All of this has led us to an opportunity that would allow us to stay right where we are and provide millions of dollars in savings over the coming years. 


Strategic Environments

All around our church we are experiencing a significant shift toward a new season of vision, outreach, boldness, and expansion. Over the years, our environment has helped us facilitate relationships, meet people right where they are, and point them towards Jesus through every moment experienced here. The strategic savings will allow us to facilitate the new season of vision and free up resources that will be able to go directly toward developing new spaces for existing and future ministries here. The environments that we invest in will allow for up to 1,200 more people to attend each week, experience Jesus, find community, and provide new opportunities to serve families in our church and our surrounding community.


Strategic Relationships

When we first found this building, it was a furniture warehouse. Although it didn’t seem to look like a church, we always knew that this would be a warehouse for ministry. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to open these doors on a weekly basis for local and regional non-profits and groups to do ministry here. Our planned facility enhancements will allow us to increase our capacity to serve as a ministry hub partnering with local ministries and organizations to continue impacting our region and the nations from here. Our investment into this building is a tangible way to fortify our commitment our city and region.

Our Make and Multiply initiative is a standing invitation for all of us to own the moment that God has given us.
Shea Strickland

100% Participation

Over the years we have seen God actively work through the thousands of us who call Grace our home and this season in our church is no different. In this pivotal moment in the history of our church, we are praying and believing for 100% participation. We are asking everyone to dream big dreams, pray big prayers, and own the opportunity that God has given Grace Fellowship Church.

Will you start praying and asking God how he would have you respond?