Renovation FAQ's - Make + Multiply

Proposed exterior- view from Deereco Rd




Grace is starting a 2019-2020 building renovation project and we want to keep you informed about our plans!


Q: Why are we purchasing and renovating our current building? Weren’t other options available to us?
A: We explored several building options leading up to making a decision to purchase and renovate our current space.

Our current space meets three important criteria that we used in our search: Price, Parking, and Location.

Price—The purchase price for our current space was significantly less than other available options.  It was also immediately suited for our needs.

Parking—The parking configuration at our current facility is ideal.  We have rights to over 900 parking spaces on the weekend. This is adequate space for our growing congregation.

Location—The location of our current building is ideal for us as a congregation.  We have been located in this space for over 25 years and the community is very familiar with our location.  Our current location is also a few blocks away from the light rail, providing access to people from all over our region who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience our church.


Q: Have we already purchased the building?
A: Yes—We closed on the building purchase on December 18, 2018


Q: What does the planned renovation project include?
A: The renovation project includes the following plans:

  • Significant upgrades to the outside of the building
  • A newly renovated Main Auditorium with added seating
  • A new additional seating venue with 320 seats that will be used during weekend worship and Grace Students ministry services
  • A completely refreshed Grace Kids space
  • Expanded space for Grace Disabilities


Q: When will the renovation project begin?
A: Renovations begin mid-May 2019


Q: How long will this project take to complete?
A: The current plan is scheduled for a 10-month completion timeline.


Q: Will we have to move out of the building during the renovation?
A: No—We are planning the schedule of work in a way that allows us to stay in the building during the entirety of the project.


Q: How much will the renovation cost?
A: 5 million dollars


Q: Will we incur any additional debt to complete the project?
A: No—Because of the overwhelming generosity of our congregation during the Make and Multiply initiative, we will be able to pay cash for the project!


Q: How much debt are we carrying on the purchase of the building?
A: 10.4 million dollars. The payment on this debt service is less every month than paid to lease our current building. This allows us to stick to our goal of purchasing and renovating our current space for less every month than the amount we paid in rent.


Q: Who is making all of these decisions?
A: Several individuals and teams have provided input about this project including our land development and real estate team, finance committee, staff directors, and elders. We have also secured external teams of experts that help churches all across the country successfully complete big projects such as this. They have worked with us to plan all of the details of this important project.


Q: What can we do to help in the meantime?
A: Prayer is our most important tool in this project. Pray for the Lord’s leading and his favor through the completion of this important work. The project also depends on the faithful completion of our Make and Multiply pledges.


Q: How do I stay informed about the renovation project?
A: You can stay informed through these options:

Facebook: Grace Timonium
Instagram: gracetimonium
Twitter: Grace_Timonium


Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
A: If you have additional questions, we invite you to email Jim McCabe ( – our staff liaison for the renovation project.